Normal is an illusion…

Normal is an illusion…


I recently deactivated my Facebook. It’s been 5 months and it’s very challenging to keep in touch with long distance friends with out Facebook chat. Below is my first super long status to my RL friends in 5 months. I figure what i learned i’d share with you all here too. Thank you again to all of your here to reach out and talked to me. You made me understand that there are still many great and beautiful people out there. And the value of compassion from a stranger.

1. You will be missed. Your friends may not “like” every update or comment on every post. But your little place in their lives is missed when you are gone. Usually by people you least expected.

2. Your not missed that much. Get over your self. If there was ever a single certainty in life. It is that life will continue on. With or with out you.

3. Facebook has become the telephone of our generation. Exchanging numbers is like asking to stay in touch and giving somebody a mailing address. Then expecting them to write you a letter.

4. I bump into 2-4 of friends a week when I’m in town. I never missed Facebook at all or the illusion of closeness. When you meet people, they look at you differently. Mostly because they no longer assume they know every detail about your life.

5. Too many people mistake peoples Facebook feed as their friends day to day life, opposed to their highlight reel. When you are face to face. That illusion crumbles much quicker then you think. We all have more in common then we would like others to believe. Good and bad.

6. You realized you can’t stand at an intersection without seeing half the people holding their smart phones and looking down. When you stop using Facebook. You realize how strange our culture has become. Instead of connecting to a person right beside you, we all look down thinking we are connecting more. When in reality we toss up virtual walls at every single opportunity.

Do not put Facebook on your phone. It will only limited your desire to connect with new people.

7. If you resent, become jealous, or hold negativity towards somebody because of what they put on Facebook. The issue isn’t them - IT’S YOU. 250-500 letters does not define somebody, nor does their attempts at being funny. Allowing your self to do that says much more about you, then it says about them. They were just trying to better your day. You choose to instead judge them.

8. Meeting people with perfectly crafted Facebook profiles only makes them seem more flawed in person. That’s okay, that is what hugs are for. I find it’s a perfectly acceptable way to remind somebody, you were friends with them before they received 10-20 “likes” per status update and became certified cool in some peoples books.

9. Blogging has made me see the value of proofing. Where Facebook never did. I’d like to personally, honestly apologize to every copywriter, project manager and accounts person I’ve ever worked with. I’m sure I haunt you in your nightmares til this day. I’ve had multiple careers in 3 different design mediums. I may need to borrow somebody’s Costco card to buy apology cards in bulk.

10. I missed you all. Even you creepy creepers who never talk. I only added you because I have interacted with you in real life. Thank you for adding me and allowing me to witness the pieces of your life story you choose to share.

As for where I have been? I don’t know where to begin - So I won’t. The last 5 months have been a second life time.

I have gotten lost in places few have found. Found love comes slow and goes too fast. That allowing somebody to love you is as important as your love for them. That compassion unifies us. Talk less. Listen more. Felt waves of two oceans of two different shores under my feet. Apologies do not make me weak, failing to apologize just shows lack of strength. That having the character to do great things, should also come with the humility to not make make others feel bad about themselves.

And after watching a stranger kill them self literally in front of you. In one of the poorest areas in the city, while on your way to work at one of the greatest symbols of excess of our time. Serves as a sober reminder that while I relentlessly pursued accolades, titles and wealth to satisfy my ego. That the greatest thing I could achieve is already in my means- smiling at a lonely stranger. So they don’t feel alone, unimportant or meaningless in a world that has more then enough love to share. I am glad I have recently started to do that again. Something I wouldn’t have if I spent every available second staring at my Facebook feed on my iPhone.

Peace Love Unity Respect.

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OMG this is such a great video. :) Enjoy!

DREAM!!! :)

Great motivational video… You are great. DREAM BIG!

Blood, sweat and respect. The first 2 you give. LAST ONE YOU EARN!THE ROCK!

Blood, sweat and respect. The first 2 you give. LAST ONE YOU EARN!


What is the purpose of your life?

This is for all the runner’s who are following me on tumblr! Here’s your inspiration for the week!

friday motivation

friday motivation

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Follow your Bliss /personal blog

It’s a rainy afternoon in Toronto. I’m sitting in a coffee shop coding up a website. I wouldn’t call my self a guru or a master coder. Some friends like to refer to me that way, but often I am humbled by many others who truly love to code. But I do think their passion rubbed off on me.

I’m a artist by profession. So coding and technical stuff is as far from conventional creativity as it gets. But I enjoy the challenge. Isn’t that what life is all about? No not challenges, but enjoying the process of things.

I’ve been out of the 9-5 grind for months now. I vaguely remember how its like to drag my self up in the morning, rush to work and getting physically sick from all the emails I would get. The constant phone calls, the people who all depend on you. Now I wake up when I want, work on what I want and I get to do it where I want. Stress. There was lots of it.

Sounds great right?

Well not exactly. The downside of having freedom is motivation to get the work done. Even when no body is watching you. Even when nobody will call or get mad at your for sleeping in until noon, you need something that wakes you up.

Although it’s been months, I was very upset with my self because I woke up at 9:30, opposed to on my computer checking emails by 9. I was up to 5 am last night. But i still find a way every morning to get up, drag my self to get a coffee and then put my butt in front of my computer and get to work.

The question is what is the motivation behind my discipline? Is it Tony Robbins every morning? Is it motivational posters all over my wall? Somebody who calls and wakes me up? No, its because I’m doing what I want to do. What i enjoy doing.

Sometimes I think to my self, I was put on this earth to do this. I wish i could cure AIDS, end cancer or maybe in some way help end the worlds suffering. However, my gift is to create things.

I find something magical to bring something into existence. This computer you are on now. The keyboards you use. Even tumblr or twitter or whatever you used to find this, was created by somebody. If they did not exist. These things would not exist.

I believe there is something special about that.

We all have gifts. But too often we pursue things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like. We become slaves to what other people think and shackled to the rules of a society that has less concern about your happiness, as it does with maintaining its status quo.

We should all follow our bliss. By that I don’t mean, sleep in, smoke pot all day, get wasted every night and live like a celeb crashing and burning. What i mean is, find where you belong. What you are born to do. Then do it.

Bliss isn’t about being comfortable or happy all the time. Follow your bliss means, to pursue what you love. Mondays will still suck. There will be days you wished you did something else, and there will still be days you wish you could’ve redone it. But the difference is, when its something you truly enjoy. Those things become speed bumps along the way. That in the end it will all be worth it. Even if it isn’t, at the very least, you can say you lived life on your own terms and by your own rules. Its better to having a crazy life and memorable stories, than have a safe life no body remembers.

I don’t know if that is enough for everybody, but it’s enough for me. My complaint isn’t that i don’t have enough free time to do my own stuff. My complaint is that I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do.

I get to wake up everyday, thinking, this is awesome. Any time, we have things that pull us forward. It’s a good thing. Often the fears that are supposed to push your towards a goal. Often pulls you back and away.

Following your bliss may not always take you to comfort and convenience. But it will take you to a place that whatever comes up and what challenges you face it will be worth it.