Holy fuck, I know him. That’s Jesse.

He came into the center when I worked there, he is such a kind, polite young man.

Oh my god, wow, I heard that this happened—“a homeless youth was brought on stage to accept an award”, blah blah blah, it’s probably some no-name actor—but I didn’t think they would actually go out onto the streets of LA and find a real person.

I’m glad they found Jesse, and I hope this moment benefits him exponentially. He deserves it with everything he has fought through, and still is fighting.

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How to Rebrand your self 101

Hey everybody, i’ve been away. My health hasn’t been good and I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff. But thats how life is like. You learn no matter how prepared you are. The storms in your life, much like the weather will come. It always comes. 

Dealing with things, I talked to some friends in the past. I think sometimes our memories of how middle and high school is like can often be a lot different than how others around you perceived you. Like most you want to fit in and be cool. It’s almost like modern social society and its new apex predator system.

Looking back, i remember being mean, i remember handling things in ways I would handle differently now, feeling like i never belonged or really fit in and I always felt this horrible guilt when thinking of ex’s and relationships. 

But all of them were unfounded. 

I do question how much of it was the horrible depression I had growing up changed how i remember things. Opposed to insecurities most teens felt growing up. 

I remember talking to old friends and i remember talking about with all I know about marketing and stuff now. What we would tell our younger selves if given the chance. 

The conversation quickly came to laughter as we talked about the movie “the new guy” where a nerd plays out a formula to be cool. Looking back I’m not sure how i would’ve changed my life or if i would. But thats a whole other blog post. 

What I can do is break down some good tips.  

So heres a quick branding guide. I figure this might help somebody who isn’t happy with their social lives and want a brand boast. 

1. You need a catalyst. If you look at Miley Cyrus, she did a 180. If you look back, but i believe the previous years gossip was largely based on a break up she had. More obviously happened, but people tend to remember 1 or two things. Robert downey Jr. took his prison time and drug addiction to relaunch himself to the world. Its not just about making them talk. Its about what you do when they are.

2. Rebrand. Even windows changed their logo on important NEW updates to their OS. In the case of personal branding. Take a list of things people describe about your appearance and change it. Quickest way is changing your hair cut. But a quick way to showcase it is by using Miley as an example again. Describe Hannah Montana. Now describe Miley Cyrus. Just on appearance alone they are she took each feature that stood out before and specifically changed those. So the cues on who you are are taken away. Its like forcing a blank slate in the minds of the people. 

3. New mission statement. So if you’re not who you were before, who are you now? Describe yourself. Then be secure in putting that out there. Keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be earth shattering. But describe the new brand that is you. Simple as, “I am_______. Who is the most ________,__________and _____________ here in the __________. I look ____ and I wear ___________.”

That what you want people to remember you by when your not around.   

4. Turn up the volume. A big part of being charismatic is just by turning up the volume. Even if your description of your self is uninteresting and not social share material. Its important to be the most something at something. Even if you are quiet, then BE quiet. But speak like a sniper, when you do speak and everybody watches. Use it. So people know when you do say something, they need to listen. Every weakness can be used as a strength. 

5. Be authentic. If you put down a sport, then BE INTO THAT SPORT. You’ll find most people in life will fake to fit in. But people are attracted to people who are authentic. Who really do believe what they say. 

6. BE REALLY INTO IT. Whatever you like, be really into it. Even if other people don’t think its cool. You Swim? Then talk about it. Do stuff. Got no life? Got no plans? Join a swim team. Even if you got nothing, you can go to the local gym and swim friday night. So at least when people ask you what you did last weekend. You can atleast say, “Oh, i was practicing swimming at the gym. I got this crazy thing coming up.”

It helps you avoid saying the dreaded, “Nothing.”

It shows your in motion and doing things. Nobody likes hanging around boring people. Sorry, but the people you want to hang out with. Most likely aren’t boring. Even if you think you are boring. Somebody will find you interesting. 

7. Care about what you do. Even if you sit around and play CoD all night - USE IT. You love that game, thats why you play it. Don’t squirm if everybody is talking about the party you weren’t invited to. You stick it out there. “Man, I got the worst COD addiction. ALL NIGHT. ALLLL NIGHT. But i got my first 50 kill streak. May not mean a lot to you, but thats glory to me. hehe” 

If you really enjoy it. People will go along with your enthusiasm. It’s one thing to say, “I didnt want to go to the party anyway.” It’s another when you indirectly say, you had more fun things to do.

8. Don’t care what people think. You will care what people think on some level. But don’t care what people think. The secret to being cool, is always doing you. Everybody else is hating. When Lady Gaga walks into a room, do you think he wonders what people think of her overbite or if she looks fat in her dress? FUCK NO! SHE’S LADY FUCKING GAGA!

9. Nine out of ten people follow leaders. You don’t need tell people what to do or be a “leader” or put that out there. You lead by example. Literally. If you said, your into shoes. Have nice shoes and know your shoes. Be the go to guy or girl about shoes. If you really enjoy it. I bet, you’ll already know things all your friends don’t. Not everybody can be the captain of the football team. But you can be Mr. Wiki-air jordans. 

10. People don’t always remember everything you say, but they will remember how you make them feel. Usually the coolest kid, might not talk to the quiet kids. But they will at least treat them respectfully. There’s always bullies who hang out with the coolest kid. But the coolest kid, is usually the one who is nice to everybody. Thats why they’re popular, because aside from looks. They make you like them.

And smile. Get in the habit of smiling. Ever notice likable people tend to smile. Because then they smile. Ever notice you smile too? And how does smiling make you feel? Think about that one.

I find with facebook everywhere. People have become more fake. Feeds become highlight reels. But in the end, the ones who stand out to you are the ones who are legit. Even if you don’t think anything makes you different or special yet. If somebody is coke. Then you become pepsi. The point is, always pursue passions. it will set you apart. If you feel it. They will feel it too. In a world where so many things feel fake. The secret to staying in peoples minds is by being real. 

Theres much more but i’ll stop at 11 points. Their good tips if you want to try and rebrand your self. But what you find is, the more you dont want to be you to stand out. The key is actually being MORE you. 

Turn up the volume. 

stop trying to control everything and just let go

stop trying to control everything and just let go

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"Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart."

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky (via purplebuddhaproject)

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coffee and sunsets…

coffee and sunsets…

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself."

— Thich Nhat Hanh (via thecalminside)

"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

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Scarborough Classic

Scarborough Classic

I just stopped at a intersection with drake. Damn cell phone laws. No body will believe me.